4 Reasons You Should Use A West Virginia Health Insurance Agent

4 Reasons You Should Use A West Virginia Health Insurance Agent.  When you enroll in a health insurance plan in West Virginia, you will have multiple questions.  The Affordable Care Act allows you to work with an experienced, licensed health insurance agent or an authorized individual Marketplace representative referred to as a Navigator.

What is the difference between the two? Which health insurance agent or an unlicensed, government-trained representative is better? Here are four top reasons you should consider using a licensed health insurance agent.

Reason 1: Licensed Health Insurance Agents Are Qualified to Support you throughout the process

Licensed health insurance at Songer Benefits agents excels at helping you with your health insurance plan essentials and designs. You can feel assured working with health insurance agents.

They train and are licensed for state exchanges as well as for private insurance companies available off the exchange. An agent can provide helpful assistance, helping you enroll in a health insurance plan on or off-exchange; their service is free.

Reason 2: Licensed Health Insurance Agents Are Different from Unlicensed Government-Trained Aides

Licensed health insurance agents and unlicensed Marketplace representatives have a few resemblances but also many fundamental differences. Both help to locate subsidies that reduce the cost of your health insurance. Both receive training and certification as counselors for state exchanges.

Health insurance agents and unlicensed government-trained reps also help enroll in a health insurance plan through the government insurance exchange. This service is provided free of charge.

When you have questions about the health insurance plan options within the Marketplace, your licensed health insurance agent is ready to answer your questions and help you find the appropriate coverage for your health needs and budget.

Reason 3: There are many Benefits of Having a Licensed Health Insurance Agent

Licensed Health Insurance agents:

  • Help consumers select health insurance policies specific to their area of expertise, including location, network, and drug formularies.
  • Based on your health and budget, I can recommend the best plan for you.
  • It can help you discover and apply for government subsidies to help pay for your health insurance.
  • They are fully qualified for the state exchanges they work with.
  • Receive complete criminal background checks.
  • Participate in continuing education in the health insurance field to remain up-to-date.
  • Help you understand the difference between health insurance plans available in your area that are sold on the government exchange and plans not available on the government exchange.
  • Working with an agent means you have someone familiar with who can help with life changes, plan changes, and claim and benefit questions.

Unlicensed Government-Trained Representatives:

  • We cannot recommend a plan based on individual health care needs and budgets.
  • Do not undergo criminal background checks before working with health insurance consumers.
  • They are not required to pass licensure exams to demonstrate health insurance expertise.
  • Cannot help consumers understand health insurance benefits and plans that are not sold on a government exchange like the Marketplace. It cannot help a consumer with a health insurance company after enrollment.

Reason 4: Licensed Health Insurance Agents Specialize in Helping Consumers

By depending on a trained expert like a licensed health insurance agent, you can depend on helpful answers to your Marketplace questions. An agent can advocate on your behalf with your health insurance provider, helping you resolve questions or issues. An agent can also explain the benefits of plans not offered on the government exchange.

As you can see, there are substantial differences between licensed health insurance agents and unlicensed, government-trained subcontractors. A significant decision, such as selecting the right health insurance plan, requires the experience and expertise of a knowledgeable, licensed health insurance agent.